Sintra – Palacio da Pena, a Bavarian castle in Portugal

Portugal - Sintra Palacio da Pena loAt the top of one of the peaks overlooking Sintra, stands an amazing baroque palace built in the nineteenth century by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. With its quirky shapes and its outstanding blood-red walls and washed lemon yellow, it seems to have escaped from a Disney park.

Here, in the drawing, white seems to suit it much better. But at the end of my work, I clumsily made a few small spots of gouache inadvertently. My first reaction was to find how to remove them, until I finally decided to add some more blots, accentuating the fantasy of this strange construction.

Sintra – Le Palacio da Pena, l’incroyable chateau bavarois au Portugal

Au sommet de l’une des cimes surplombant Sintra se dresse un incroyable château baroque construit par le prince Ferdinand de Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha au XIXème siècle. Avec ses excroissances biscornues et ses étonnantes façades rouge sang et jaune citron, il semble s’être échappé d’un parc de Disney.

Sur le dessin le blanc semble mieux lui convenir. Mais à la fin de mon travail, j’ai maladroitement fait quelques taches de gouache par inadvertance. Après avoir longuement réfléchi pour tenter de les supprimer, j’ai finalement décidé d’en rajouter, accentuant ainsi le caractère féérique de cette étrange construction.

Portugal – Sintra Palacio National

Portugal - Sintra Palacio National 2006-08
Portugal was one of my most surprising drawing experiences. I was fascinated by the fact that this country (at least the architecture) seemed to be a two-tone land: brown from stone and white from lime on the walls.
Unusually, I had taken with me a notebook with brown pages. So, rather than allowing empty spaces on my sheet of watercolor paper to figure the white walls as I would have normally done, I decided to reverse things. I bought a tube of white gouache and loved playing in dual tone.