Portugal – Evora

Portugal - Evora Map loEvora, is a lovely little town in the heart of Alentejo. You should not miss to browse the web of its old streets and let be surprised by the many surprising discoveries: an monumental door with its Manueline architecture, the ruins of a Roman temple, a Renaissance fountain, old azulejos or the remains of an old millennium aqueduct … 

Evora, est une adorable petite ville au coeur de l’Alentejo.
Il faut parcourir la toile arachnéeenne de ses ruelles et se laisser porter au gré des découvertes; une porte  monumentale à l’architecture manueline, les ruines d’un temple romain, une une fontaine renaissance, de vieux azulejors ou les restes d’un vieil aqueduc millénaire…

Portugal – Porto

Portugal - Porto viaduc Dom Luis loPorto is nested on both sides of the Douro gorge. The Maria Pia viaduct built by Eiffel spans across the river, while the Porto cellars stage on the southern slope of the river.

I thought i could play in two tones, white & brown until i realized i needed a third color to figure the light reflected on tile roofs.

Portugal – Boats in the ria d’Aveiro

Drawing in brown and white is great fun; however i could not resist to add a few strokes of color when i saw these traditional fishing boats (so called Moliceiros)in the little town of Aveiro. Every boat has its own pattern and set of colors which makes a enchanted place of this little harbor.Portugal - Aveiro Moliceiros lo

Portugal – Sintra Palacio National

Portugal - Sintra Palacio National 2006-08
Portugal was one of my most surprising drawing experiences. I was fascinated by the fact that this country (at least the architecture) seemed to be a two-tone land: brown from stone and white from lime on the walls.
Unusually, I had taken with me a notebook with brown pages. So, rather than allowing empty spaces on my sheet of watercolor paper to figure the white walls as I would have normally done, I decided to reverse things. I bought a tube of white gouache and loved playing in dual tone.