Flinflin who ?

I live in Paris, have 5 children and am an entrepreneur, marketing digital services.
I’m currently an associate at a consulting firm which I cofounded, specialized in strategy and operations management in the digital world.

Though i’m passionate with new technology, I felt early in love with drawing. Largely influenced by Belgian and French comics, I always bring with me a tiny watercolor box and a few pens, filling travel sketchbooks and pastiches of comic books covers  in Tintin Style (see my other blog : le blog des Flinflins).

about Flinflin

Je vis à Paris, ont 5 enfants et je suis un entrepreneur avec une forte experience du marketing des services numériques.
Je suis actuellement associé dans un cabinet de conseil que j’ai cofondé, spécialisé dans la stratégie et le management des opérations dans l’économie numérique.

Même si je suis passionné par les nouvelles technologies, je suis tombé très tôt dans la marmite du dessin. Très influencé par la bande dessinée franco-belge, j’emporte toujours avec moi une minuscule boîte d’aquarelle et quelques feutres pour remplir des pages entière de carnets de voyage et élaborer des pastiches de couvertures de Tintin ( voir mon autre Blog: le blog des Flinflins).

2 thoughts on “Flinflin who ?

  1. Hello,

    First off I’d like to express my true enjoyment of your travel sketches. It is a style that rings with me. I’m a documentary producer and we are making a film about Portugal and specifically Evora. I’m writing to ask permission to use your Evora map drawing in our film. The film is being funded by The Ohio State University in the USA, so I’m afraid we do not have a budget to compensate you. We can however give you full credit in the film plus links to your work on our website and social media outlets.

    Thank you for considering this and again, amazing work.

    Dan Garee

    • Many Thx for your comment, Dan, and my apologies for my (very) late reply. I usually do not authorize free use of my content for commercial purpose, unless if it is for the benefit on a non profit organization. Best regards. Flinflin.

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